We have had the amazing opportunity to work with talented artists not only in Prague but also across Central/Eastern Europe to bring you a few commissioned and several truly unique pieces that we are and have been honoured to have featured at The Emblem.

For any more information on the art of the hotel, please feel free to contact us directly at


During the careful reconstruction of our building, we were inspired by the beginning of last century, which is the same time our property came into existence.

Choosing particularly the form and feel of the Art Deco movement, we strove to create something that was an ode to those times, yet was tastefully endowed with all the modern accoutrements we enjoy today. In our realisation of the project, we never cut corners. Each element of our design was carefully selected to facilitate your comfort and to allow you to enjoy every single detail during your stay.

The list of designers and artists that helped to make the Emblem into what it is today is endless and includes people from all over the world, who all came together and made it happen.