Chandeliers, Sofas, Lights

We worked with England-based design trio, OCHRE, to choose lighting accessories and sofas to outfit our restaurant, George Prime Steak, The M Lounge, and the rooms in our hotel. The most prominent pieces of lighting are the Pendant lights over the bar, the Arctic Pear chandeliers in the restaurant, the Eclipse chandeliers in the private Foundation Room, the Light Drizzle chandelier in the Club, the customized Axis Mundi floor lamps in the rooms and the Scorpion Single Head lamps in the rooms. As for furniture, the Long Snooze sofa sits in our Living Room, the Long Banquette couch can be found in the rooms and the Low Round Moon table and Daxie ottoman are scattered throughout the hotel.

OCHRE designs furniture, lighting and accessories for the interior. Their designs place equal importance on harmonious proportions, luxurious materials and matchless craftsmanship.