Thomas Zipp
A.O.: F13
Painting / Collage
Oil, lacquer, digital print on board, artist's frame
63 x 53 cm
Acquired in 2017

On view in the stair hallway.

This mysterious figure, which is repeated several times in Thomas Zipp’s work, seems “empty” but is full of inner energy and open to viewer interpretation. Zipp (b. 1966), whose favorite colors are on the gray scale, likes to represent scientists or soldiers from the past in his figurative compositions, but he usually chooses someone with a complicated and partially unknown history. He mixes media together, such as photography and painting, or sometimes creates more complex installations interwoven with music, since Zipp is also a musician and DJ. Zipp’s installations and single pieces speak the language of this different place. Maybe it is the dark side of a fairytale landscape, and sometimes it feels like looking at world in a mirror, seeing reflections of nothing truly positive.