Markus Selg 
Sublimation print on fabric
89 x 72 cm
Acquired in 2018

On view in the lobby.

What is the relationship between technology and spirituality? Between soul, mind and matter? What is archaic and what is contemporary? What is a ‚real‘ or authentic image and what is reproduction or imitation? These are central questions in the work of a multi-media artist Markus Selg (b. 1974, living in Berlin). In his sculptures, collages, installations and films Selg processes objects and visual elements from different eras and cultures. His work is sometimes traditional and craftsman-like, then highly technological. He examines what it means to live in a world where the majority of images only consist of digital data, bits and bytes. This results in an incredibly diverse universe of images, which comprises computer games, sci-fi films, voodoo, Bible Stories, panoramas or traditional sculptures from Benin.