Habima Fuchs
Salt Sea Water Absorbed by Cloud Turns Sweet (Tree)
17,5 x 25 cm (with frame 26,5 x 34,5 cm)
Ink on paper
Signed on the back
Acquired in 2024

On view in The M Lounge 

Czech artist Habima Fuchs (b. 1977, Ostrov) is a visual artist who, in her work, has been revising experienced mechanisms and traditional existential, philosophical or metaphysical turns on which we rely when understanding the world in which we live. The symbols and motifs that she reflects and materializes in the process come from different cultures and times, from the framework of Christian iconography and oriental religious contexts: "Man, who has no fixed point to return to, works with an open field of possibilities and is very vulnerable. I don't have any commitments - I can therefore live like this and observe what happens to a person when he opens up to something, and then proceed from that."