Esther Kläs
Decisions of approx.
Ink on paper
42 x 29,5 cm
Signed on the back
Acquired in 2024

On view in The M Lounge

Esther Kläs (b. 1981, Germany) creates sculptures and paperworks following an autonomously defined logic that sets her work in relation to episodes of art history, such as minimalism and abstraction, while at the same time authentically positioning it in the here and now of present-day contemporary art. Esther Kläs’ works give rise to an ongoing dialogue between body and environment, which already starts with her process-oriented engagement with plastic materials such as concrete, clay, plaster or artificial resin. Although they are static, Esther Kläs’ sculptures and drawings appear to be in constant motion between object, figure and space. Despite their abstraction, or perhaps precisely because of it, her sculptures and paperworks refer to their own presence that enters into a performative relationship with the body of the beholder. In doing so, Esther Kläs’ works avoid any kind of metaphor or narration in favour of direct experience.