Aleksandra Vajd
All sacrifice for passion, from the series The Thirty-Six Dramatic Situations
Set of two photograms
Gelatin silver print hand-dyed with aniline colors
100 x 60 cm
Acquired in 2016

On view in The M Lounge.

This piece shows the connection of two photograms – one of the original photographic techniques – reflecting the historical background of the craft and the basic approach of using light for image production. Aleksadra Vajd (b.1971) has an ongoing interest in redefining the medium of photography, moving through her artistic career with different approaches and experiments, realizing that the medium is very liquid and unstable at its core. Vajd stresses the need of image redefinition through every single usage, context, and exhibition. In this particular piece, she moved from the idea of an image as a reproduction that can be repeated endlessly toward the idea of an image as a unique picture. She stresses the physical contact between the artist and the traditional approach to the medium of photography, the sensuality of the darkroom and, in the digital age, “reinvented” manual work.