Do you or your employees need a safe place to work in the city center? We are offering our rooms as temporary “work from home” spaces to help you out! We have converted some of our cozy bedrooms into office spaces complete with comfy furniture, complimentary WiFi, and other necessary amenities. We can even take out the bed and create more space!

 For 12,000 CZK per month (excluding 10% VAT) you can rent one of these spaces either for yourself or for your employees.

During this time, we are also offering DAILY RATES and a special 14-DAY RATE for you to either live or work here at The Emblem. Email us for more information.

 Contact our Sales Team at to book your EMBLEM OFFICE today!



The Emblem Hotel has a lot to offer! If you want to use our spaces to work AND relax, we can offer you The Emblem Office Premium package.


  • One room converted into an office space with complimentary WiFi and amenities

  • Access to our Laundry Service (including a complimentary wash and iron of 1 shirt / day)

  • Complimentary access to our Wellness and Fitness Center

  • Complimentary access to The M Lounge with complimentary coffee/tea/juices and snacks

  • Access to The Fumoir and a monthly rental of a liquor cabinet

For 20 000 CZK (excluding 10% VAT) per month, you can work and relax right here in the city center!

Contact our Sales Team at to book your EMBLEM OFFICE PREMIUM PACKAGE today!

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