Tauba Auerbach
Static 18
58.1 x 40.6 cm
Acquired in 2017

On private view in room no. 207.


Tauba Auerbach (born 1981, California) is best known for her varied use of painting, printmaking, photography, and installation to examine the underlying structures of language and perception. Auerbach draws much of her inspiration from math and physics and explores the limits of structures and systems of logic. Her Op art-inflected paintings play with perceptions of space. In her early career she created graphic sign paintings, producing abstract renderings of typography and calligraphy. Her recent work (2016/17) is exhibited publicly in the Vienna State Opera as a contribution to a “Safety Curtain” – museum in progress project. In 2016 Tauba Auerbach took part in Prague’s group exhibition ´33 - ´29 - ´36 in UM Gallery.

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