Drawing Room

This event space is the second largest (after The Salon). With leather-padded walls, Baxter chairs, a massive round meeting table and an integrated 55 inch flat-screen television, the Drawing Room is perfect for board meetings and group discussions for up to 25 persons or for small private events.

Total Sq. Mtrs. 27.9m2
Height 2.5m
Length x Width 6.2m x 4.5m

Games Room

The Games Room is what its name suggests; it is one of our event spaces that comes with an integrated television and a number of games for those who need to take a break from business and life. Even though it is not one of our larger rooms, the space can be cleared and is the best room for smaller meetings for up to 8 delegates.

Total Sq. Mtrs. 14.7m2
Height 2.6m
Length x Width 4.6m x 3.2m

The Pantry

Join us in The Pantry where an expansive table with an integrated hob and oven dominate the main space and where an ever-changing array of art and science covers its walls. It can be a kitchen; it can be a workspace; it can even be both at the same time.

Total Sq. Mtrs. 16.1m2
Height 2.9m
Length x Width 4.6m x 3.5m

The Salon

Because sometimes people just want more space. Offering soundproof, leather-padded walls, a number of tables, Baxter chairs and an enormous flat screen television, The Salon is spacious enough to host elegant receptions up to 40 persons, conferences up to 30 persons or any other kind of larger group event. It can also be used as a casual space for smaller groups of people to watch TV, chat and relax.

Total Sq. Mtrs. 43.2m2
Height 2.5m
Length x Width 9.6m x 4.5m