Katja Mater
Site Specific Tiled 14/12/16 Prague II
2017 (multiple moments during the making of the mural)
36 bariet contacts, tiled
75.5 x 51.5 cm
Acquired in 2017

On view in The M Lounge.

Site Specific Tiled 14/12/16 Prague II is a piece from Amsterdam-based artist Katja Mater (b. 1979), which originated in Prague as part of a group exhibition in UM Gallery – AAAD in Prague called '33 - '29 - '36, curated by Lucy McKenzie (2016-17). Even though it was made as a site-specific, photographic print of a chosen part of the exhibition space, it still reflects the principals Mater uses in her work – the layering of photographs combined with other graphical techniques of painting. Mater’s approach is even more material because she repainted the walls in the gallery several times, documenting the whole process. The space and its manipulability through the picture became her interest as well as the overlaying of time. As it is stated: “Photography means traveling back to a time that no longer is. Or to several moments at the same time, when you stack different moments in time, as Katja Mater does.” Katja Mater’s exploration starts somewhere at the point the pioneers of the avant-garde started, and she revisits their discoveries through 21st century eyes.