Filip Dvořák & Martin Kolarov
Untitled from series Silence of the Storm
Object / Drawing
Iron frame, plexiglass, drawing on paper
90 x 60 x 20 cm
Signed backside
Acquired in 2017

On view in the Window Display (street level).

Martin Kolarov (b. 1993) and Filip Dvořák (b. 1990) work from time to time as an artistic duo, bringing together different interests such as historical forms, drawing and installation/framing experiments. This "stained glass" that looks like a grid comes from a larger series of space images. The piece should remind you of stained glass, but it should also look like something else. It is a blurred memory of an historical art medium. The transparent grid serves as a base for something potentially to happen. This work is about movement, change and instability.