Özlem Altin
Untitled (cut piece)
Inkjet print on litho paper
62 x 49,5 cm
Edition 1/5 +2AP

On view in The Maharal Club – The Pantry (basement level).


Persisting movement in absolute cessation are key words for the creations of Özlem Altin (b. 1977). She is mainly interested in photography and reproduced pictures, which she layers and uses in different combinations. This particular piece represented in the collection came from a period when Altin was interested in bodily movement and still photography. The question of how to combine these two opposing possibilities was avidly studied by the first photographers and remains in the very heart of photography today. In Altin’s exhibitions, it is her own or her viewer's body that performs an elaborated movement between particular photographs and photography-objects. The movement is present here as well as on the level of identity. When Altin overlaps the portrait with its twin image (only a few seconds younger), she makes the depicted face even more unstable and enigmatic.

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