Poetry Passage #6: Radek Brousil, Johan Grimonprez @ National Gallery in Prague – Veletržní Palace

16. 02 2018 - 09. 09 2018

Radek Brousil deals with the pictorial poetry of the unrepresentable and the invisible. His most recent project, Red Naomi (2017) is based upon a paradox of a quasi neo-colonial exchange: composed of patchwork-like fabrics, produced by Czech textile company VEBA and aimed at African market, his installation is a hallucinatory fest of the visual politics which undermines the global dynamics and subverts the power relations. “This is the economy of a gesture: you buy a rose and present it to say I love you and beneath the gesture lies an industry that most probably starts in Kenya…” thus the author ventures into the ethics of exchange (evoking racism, slavery, exploitation, abuse, poverty as well as ecology and environmental concerns) which in Poetry Passage#6 is set in a dialogue with the politics of love as elaborated by Michael Hardt, political philosopher and co-author of Empire, Multitude and Commonwealth, who advocates a political system to be based on love, rather than on fear. Godard’s iconic Alphaville (1965) - a cinematic portrait of a dystopian city-state where all words and concepts relating to the idea of love and affection have been banned - serves Grimonprez as a powerful metaphor for an urgent need to reinvent our vocabulary of social communication and political discourse. 

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