Vladimír Ambroz: Actions @ Prague City Gallery - House of Photography

30. 01 2018 - 29. 04 2018

Vladimír Ambroz’s virtually unknown activities in the field of performance art, interventions in the public space and actions related to staged photography lasted only a few years. In the late 1970s, he was part of the Brno art scene, which operated outside the official institutions of the time. Ambroz’s work from this period erases the difference between life and art, is open to conceptual tendencies and explores general civilizational themes while responding to the atmosphere of ascendant normalization. In the milieu of Czechoslovak performance art, his work is unique for its emphasis on the expressive power of photographic documentation.

The exhibition has been installed by the artist himself; in hindsight, it is looking for what from this creative period can be considered more general. Since almost no authentic photo enlargements of Ambroz’s activities have been preserved, they are mostly presented through modern prints from original negatives. In addition to them, the exhibition includes a torso of the period exhibition, film documentation of performances and Ambroz’s work Video Habitation of 1981 realized thirty-five years later.

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