Vepřobraní @ Smíchovská Náplavka

17. 03 2018

It's an open-air festival of pork dishes!

You can look forward to typical pork specialties like “jitrnice” and “jelito”, sausage meat called “prejt”, very famous soup “prdelačka” or boiled pork “ovar”. Visitors can also try meals from the smoking room (bratwurst, smoked ham or bacon), roasted pork knee, pork belly, pork tenderloin and greaves. Cooks will serve specialties like segedin goulash, stuffed pelmeni and pork legs. Besides these, visitors will be able to taste Hungarian Mangalica, Italian prosciutto, Spanish salchichon or Iberico ham. All these specialties will be perfectly suitable for Czech beers, ciders, and hot wines. Sweet lovers can also choose from wide selection of cakes and pies.