Sounds / Codes / Pictures – An Acoustic Experiment in Visual Art @ Prague City Gallery – House at the Stone Bell

05. 06 2019 - 13. 10 2019

The exhibition will present an overview of how sound has been reflected as an abstract phenomenon from the time of Avant-garde till nowadays. The main aim of the project is to map the most important ways of the sound experiment in the field of abstract art, incl. pictures, sound installations, acoustic objects, films, multimedia projections. Visitors will find out how a sound received a colour and a form, how it became to be an object or a building or how psychological, physical and psychophysical aspects determine its visual appearance. The exhibition will showcase works of those artists who contributed to the reflection of experiment in art.

To name some of them, one should mention František Kupka, Bauhaus representants, John Cage, Fluxus, Woody and Steina Vasulkovi.

More information here.

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