Shadi Harouni: I Dream the Mountain Is Still Whole @ Colloredo-Mansfeld Palace

18. 07 2018 - 30. 09 2018

Shadi Harouni (born 1985, Hamedan, Iran) is an Iranian-American artist based in Tehran (Iran) and New York (USA), where she also serves as Professor and Head of the BFA Studio Art Program at New York University, Steinhardt. The starting point for Harouni’s work is her personal experience of a post-war and post-revolutionary Iran, as well as a close study of the Islamic regime’s wavering relationship towards form, image, music, fashion, and the human body. Harouni’s research centers on strategies with which political authorities attempt to ban, erase and alter history. Her collected archives, films, sculptures, photographs and prints embody ways in which individuals and communities resist the pressures of systematic forgetting. Harouni’s works form a figurative mosaic of motifs drawn from sacred images and architecture, entwined with forms and images that touch on the capriciousness of contemporary power structures.

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