reSITE Festival 2019 @ Various venues

19. 09 2019 - 20. 09 2019

We are proud partners of this annual festival for reSITE -- a global non-profit organization acting to improve the urban environment. This year's theme REGENERATE will look at the following:

How will we make room for families by remaking the city at every scale — from the mega-redevelopment of brownfields to restoring neighborhoods?
How should we balance expansion with heritage?
How are young mayors grappling with unaffordability and redevelopment?
Which startups are transforming the city itself into a generator to stave off climate change?
And which architects are imagining new ways of living, working and playing for children and families?

reSITE REGENERATE will bring together a new generation of leaders on climate, energy, health, and mobility — as well as design and public policy — to discuss creating cities for young and old alike.

More info here!

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