Prague City Gallery: New Acquisitions @ Prague City Gallery – Municipal Library

08. 12 2017 - 29. 04 2018

Prague City Gallery restored its acquisition activity five years ago after a prolonged pause. It began in a modest way – by purchasing previously postponed acquisitions from a long-term exhibition aptly entitled “After the Velvet”. It was the first attempt at supplementing at least one segment of our rather non-homogeneous and altogether arbitrarily developed collection which was built thanks to the artists’ donations to the City of Prague as early as during the last decades of the 19th century; however, programmatic although, simultaneously, tendentious acquisitions came only with the official establishment of the institution in 1963. 

Today, Prague City Gallery has the opportunity to acquire works from the artists it had been following on a long-term basis and whose exhibitions it had organized. The exhibition will present a selection of their works originating from the past four years and will provide an insight to the structure of the Gallery collections which are thus gradually becoming self-contained and head towards the future permanent exhibition.

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