Manifesto Market @ Na Florenci

08. 06 2018 - 31. 12 2019

Culture. Life. Taste. Former wasteland turned into a new cultural, design and gastronomic popup market in the heart of Prague.

In the beginning, there was desire. To create a place where there wasn't one. Of great culture. Of great fun. Of great taste. Of food. Of drinks. Of learning. Of the future. We dreamt of a place where people from all stripes could meet. Spend time together. Families. Visitors. Locals. Co-workers. See movies. Learn. Taste food from top chefs. Feast. Listen to music from top artists. Dance. Do it again.

Welcome to the first fully cashless place in Prague and one of the first in Europe. Welcome to the future.

Check out the website here for more information, and their FB page here for upcoming events!