Landscape Festival @ Various venues

15. 06 2018 - 30. 09 2018

In the summer months, Prague will become a scene of the sixth annual international Landscape Festival, which focuses on urban public space and urbanized landscape in the Czech Republic. For this year’s edition, Prague’s localities, whose future is currently the subject of discussions – Štvanice island , Rohanský ostrov island, Vítkov hill and Žižkov Freight Railway Station, were selected on the basis of a discussion with professional public. In the framework of future revitalization they should become an example of the quality development of urban landscape and public space in the wider centre of Prague. This exhibition wants you to be guided through these locations using conceptual studies, competitions or student projects that have been or are being realized in recent years.

The festival does not have a central area. Its main idea is a creation of an alternative tourist route to the overheated centre, the interconnection of the “Prague Wilderness” and the introduction of the potential of possible future centres of social activities of these city districts. In addition, the search for broader urban relations to other localities such as Holesovice Market, Bubny, Florenc, Palmovka, Olšanská or Jarov.


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