Heroin Crystal - Nineties Generation @ Prague City Gallery

14. 04 2022 - 28. 08 2022

The Heroin Crystal exhibition symbolically “returns to the scene of the crime”, i.e., to the Stone Bell House and to the first Biennial of Young Artists (1994), which seemed to kick off a period of approximately ten years of extensive interaction between the GHMP and artists of the 1990s generation.

The exhibition presents well-known works that are now iconic, as well as the lesser-known projects that contribute to a more complete picture of the artistic tendencies of the time. The gallery wants to give visitors an idea of the topics that were at the forefront of interest for artists at the time: women’s issues and self-stylization, reflection on media reality, performance art, the phenomenon of the human body, science fiction, the accentuation of both real and virtual nature, urban landscape, and artefactual space.

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