#DATAMAZE: Vicious Circle @ DOX Centre for Contemporary Art

12. 05 2021 - 31. 12 2021

Thanks to the acceleration made possible by digital technologies in the second half of the twentieth century, we have reached a stage of development where we look at the world from both a cosmic and a nano perspective. Refinement, purification, and perfection lead us to the complexity by which we construct the shape of our world and our view of it. Data and datafication have become the driving force of our development.

The third exhibition of the #DATAMAZE project, under development since 2018, brings the metaphor of the vicious circle. On the one hand, digital technologies bring us a certain magical element – the phone has become our amulet, connected computers a symbol of planetary consciousness, and supercomputers the promise of immortal human consciousness. On the other hand, we must constantly ask ourselves: Who are we? Computers and telephones are already its prosthesis, an extended imagination. And we always have to restart this imagination if we find that it has become too repetitive in its process. We need to train not only machines and computer codes, but also ourselves in an effort to expand our own imagination.

#DATAMAZE exhibition takes the format of an extended exhibition: it combines the concept of an exhibition that evolves over time (a work in progress) with a workspace, library, and a lecture space. #DATAMAZE is defined by an interest in data and digital literacy from the perspective of the activity of artists and designers, while supporting activities and developing cooperation providing a critical perspective on our existence in the digital environment. At the project’s core are educational programmes for schools and special-interest groups, whose aim is to deepen their knowledge of topics such as media and data literacy, metadata, safety on the internet, user-created content and on-line advertising, electro-waste, etc.

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