Marlieke Van Rossum

Oak Table

At the top of our hotel in The M Spa, we have a spacious relaxation room for guests. Here, amongst the Italian chairs and skylights to the city, stands the centrepiece of this cosy attic space: a customised Nota Bene oak table designed and crafted for The Emblem by Dutch furniture designer Marlieke Van Rossum.

Marlieke Van Rossum is a second-generation Van Rossum designer who hand-makes quality and functional pieces for the interior. She has an extensive knowledge of the properties and treatment of oak, passed down from her designer parents who started the Van Rossum project in 1975. Continuing their legacy of sourcing oak trees from France, Marlieke has created a practice that instructs and furthers the education of the material. Her appreciation for oak and her preference for simple, clean and uncluttered design combine making her creations timeless, durable and exquisite.


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