Bartosz Swiniarski

Potato Lamps

In each corridor of The Emblem, the central lighting piece is a unique lamp from Polish architect Bartosz Swiniarski. The Potato Lamp is a handmade, stained-glass lamp, constructed from white glass pieces using the Tiffany technique. The lamp was designed by Bartosz and manufactured by his father in a workshop near Warsaw. The two had considered doing a project together for years, so the Potato Lamp is their first joint piece, formed from a concept that employs both of their experiences and skills. It is yet another example of a perfect combination of craft and design that we respect and promote at The Emblem.

Bartosz Swiniarski is an architect who is part of the PL09 collective—an independent design group who aims to utilize generative and parametric design techniques in the field of Polish architecture. Their mission is to push the boundaries of architectural form, especially in spheres of structural complexity and pattern.


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