Welcome to your Living Room away from home.

We know our rooms are fairly small, but we treat our hotel like a home. We want you to see your room as a bedroom—the place where you get a good night’s sleep, take a shower, and have a cup of coffee before you explore and take on the world.

But where do you spend your down time? 

We have created The M Lounge to be the Living Room of The Emblem—the “go-to” place for you to work/lounge/drink/chat/play. The club has a total of 4 different “Living Spaces” that are freely accessible to you: The Pantry (also known as The Kitchen), The Salon, The Games Room, and The Drawing Room.

Since The M Lounge is our Living Room, we also throw some pretty cool “house parties” every once in a while. Every month we put on a series of events downstairs. If it’s something up your alley, we would love for you to join! For a list of upcoming events, see our EVENTS page.


Find out more about the story of Rabbi Loew and Prague of the 16th century.

Read the Story


We want you to join our family! The Emblem Hotel was founded on a strong sense of community not only with travelers but also with locals. That is why we have constructed a special membership to give our community the best of what we have to offer.

Rates start at 1250 CZK per month, and all other details can be found in the document here.

To purchase your membership, please contact

Some benefits of our membership:

  • Voucher for the use of The M Spa Jacuzzi for 1h incl a bottle of Prosecco and private terrace rental
  • Voucher for an M Spa day pass to our Wellness Centre for 2 people 
  • Voucher for accommodation in The Emblem Hotel for one night for 2 people incl of breakfast
  • Entrance to our M Lounge for you and up to 2 other people including the use of the space
  • Additional day passes to The M Spa Wellness Centre for a reduced cost of 300 CZK / person (incl Fitness Centre)

  • 20% discount on additional accommodation at The Emblem Hotel 
  • Reduced rental of The Games Room and The Drawing Room in The M Lounge
  • Possibility (at a surcharge) to use our VIP room The Fumoir with the rental of a humidor and a liqueur cabinet

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