reSITE Evening Salon: Mini Living in Maxi Cities

13. 06 2018

Let's kick off reSITE 2018 right: How small can a dwelling be? How to separate private and shared spaces? Have you also outsourced your living room to a nearby café? Is the permanent temporary the new concept for future homes? How to design flexible homes? Meet the mastermind of BMW Mini Cooper's new portfolio of residential concepts Mini Living that created a sensation at Milan Design Week, Oke Hauser, in a salon discussion with international guests.

>> Guests << 
Oke Hauser, Creative Lead (Mini Living, Munich, DE)
Elin Strand Ruin, Architect & Artist, (S E S Studio Elin Strand Ruin, Stockholm, SW), 
James Law, Chairman & CEO (James Law Cybertecture, London & Hong Kong, UK, HK) 
Veronika Ruppert (Journalist, Moderator, Rádio Wave, Prague, CZ) Moderator: Greg Lindsay (Guest Curator, reSITE, New York, US)