Atelier E.B
Fade to Grés, part of Ost End Girls
Designed by Beca Lipscombe
Cashmere/lambswool woven travel
280 x 180 cm
Produced in collaboration with Begg & Co

On view in The Maharal Club – The Salon (basement level).

Although designed under Atelier E.B, The Fade to Grés blanket is actually designed by Beca Lipscombe. Artists Lucy McKenzie and Marc Camille created their own versions, and originally all three blankets were available for the public to buy. This particular blanket pays homage to the brilliant couturier Madame Grés and her perfume Cabochard (meaning stubborn in French), which was worn by the artist's mother when she was a child. Lipscombe appropriated the original perfume packaging with the year 2014 for the Commonwealth Games held in Glasgow and added Edinburgh and Brussels (where she and Lucy McKenzie both live). The idea of the blanket was to be able to wrap yourself up in scent and luxury and feel safe. Her mother only wore the scent when she was going out in the evening, which was not a regular occurrence for the single mother with two children.

Atelier E.B
Brennan, part of The Inventors of Tradition II
Textile Cashmere/lambswool woven travel
184 x 145 cm
Produced in collaboration with Begg & Co On

view in The Maharal Club – Drawing Room (basement level).

The Brennan blanket, featuring tennis player Ivan Lendl, combines imagery collected on the Atelier's trip to Tokyo, Japan and the tennis player who both Lucy McKenzie and Beca Lipscombe had a crush on when growing up. Lendl designed great tennis wear with Adidas at the height of his fame, and he is depicted on the blanket wearing his Rhombus design for Adidas in 1982. He is now the coach for Scottish tennis player Andy Murray.