Lucy Raven
The Deccan Trap: Low Relief 1
Collage on paper
21 x 31 cm
Acquired in 2016

On view in The M Lounge.

Regardless of the medium, Lucy Raven's long-standing interest is grounded in the relationship between technology, labor and the ways in which images are manufactured, distributed and consumed within our globalized world. Raven (b. 1977) focuses on what happens behind the camera, in-between frames and within post-production, such as in this particular collage “The Deccan Trap: Low Relief 1”. The Deccan Traps are geological formations found in India that originated through a long process of layering different geological materials. This geological term can also be used in movie editing to refer to intentional or unintentional jumps in visualizations. On the contrary, “Low Relief” references an artistic technique as well as the visual fragment seen, incorporated into the collage. This term can also be understood in relation to movie (and photography) production. The tension in this particular collage is built on contrasting points between haptic and visual sensations, or in other words, between touching and watching.