Filip Dvořák
Painting / Relief
Oil on extruded polystyrene
40 x 30 cm
Acquired in 2017

On private view in room no. 602.

Filip Dvořák (b. 1990) studied painting and till than is in continuous search for new approaches and forms that would be touching this historical discipline but contextualize it for contemporary aesthetics which is under constant pressure of pop culture, internet and mass media advertising. Dvořák repeatedly uses historical motives and shapes (rococo, baroque) and move them forward nowadays reading. His art praxis is often bordering this installation and the aim to question standard installation approaches and exhibition attitude is well recognizable in Dvořák’s work. Two pieces for hotel Emblem – untitled – plays both with the present historical form of haut couture and trash consumerist culture represented in the choice of material. Repetition of pattern and colors came from the realm of digital world. But as a whole the works leaves intentionally enough space for other associations.