Mikuláš / St. Nicholas Day @ Old Town Square

Around 16:00, three figures slowly move around Old Town Square. They are St. Nicholas, an angel and a devil. Glance around the square and there are several such groupings, because today is “Mikuláš”!

Czech children raised on stories of Mikuláš know precisely what to expect. St. Nicholas will ask everyone of them if they have behaved well during the past year.
Most children naturally say yes and will be asked to sing a song or recite a short poem, after which they are rewarded with a small present or some candy. If St. Nicholas suspects they have been naughty, then the children get lumps of coal or hard potatoes instead.

This Czech tradition is fun for children especially, but adults certainly enjoy it as well! And no worries, it seems all children behave well all year long ;)