Gregor Hildebrandt: A Blink of an Eye and the Years are Behind Us @ Kunsthalle

Gregor Hildebrandt's largest exhibition covers more than 20 years of his practice. Working mainly with analog sound storage mediums, the German artist creates sculptures, installations, and paintings with materials such as compression molded vinyl and audiotapes on canvas or cassette shells. Hildebrandt's work makes formal references to Minimalism and Abstract expressionism; it is also nourished by many literary, cinematographic, musical, and architectural inspirations. These cultural sources trigger both collective and personal memories.

Including iconic works, unknown pieces, and new commissions, the exhibition aims to bring a sense of the Berlin-based artist's universe to Prague through an ongoing interdisciplinary programme featuring Hildebrandt's guests. Thus, the exhibition will have a performative character, with Kunsthalle Praha's exhibition spaces transformed, once in a while, into a venue for concerts and events curated by the artist himself.

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