of Montreal (US) @ MeetFactory

19. 07 2017

The Athens/Georgia-based post-psychedelia outfit will celebrate their first ever summer in Prague.

Their numerous records have their lows too, but they manage to deliver packed performances at their live shows. Kevin Barnes and of Montreal have released 14 full-length records and numerous EPs/singles during their 21 years(!) of existence, but will play their first ever Czech show in the Summer of 2017. Hailing from Athens, Georgia are regularly changing their music style, line-up and wardrobe, however always retaining the underlying 60s psychedelia fascination. Kevin has cited Arca or Chairlift as an inspiration for last year’s “Innocent Reaches” album, while this year’s “Rune Husk” EP has an undeniable Ziggy Stardust vibe around it. What disguise will they pick for their debut Prague show? Come see on Wednesday, July 19th at MeetFactory.

For tickets and more info, head over to the website here.