Moving Image Department #7: Brian Eno, Ship, featuring Jan Nálevka @ Veletržní Palace

17. 03 2017 - 10. 09 2017

The cycle “Moving Image Department“ focuses especially on video installations. However, in this edition, its centrepiece is not a moving image, but a moving image generator itself, proposing an imaginary picture – a phantom – a construction of sound and light. 

The sound installation "The Ship" by Brian Eno was inspired by the Titanic sinking, WWI and cut lines from emails. The author describes it as a sort of "musical novel". The atmosphere is powerful yet intimate. The voices remastered by a computer program called “Vocal Transformer” receive “a sort of muted ghostliness” which imbues the space with uncanny flair and hypnotic feeling, providing a strong cinematic experience and influencing the listening behaviour, consequently turning the listener into an active “viewer” and participant. 

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