Eberhard Havekost: LOGIK @ Galerie Rudolfinum

06. 04 2017 - 02. 07 2017

Galerie Rudolfinum presents an exhibition of the German artist Eberhard Havekost (*1967), one of the leading representatives of the new generation of painters. The author works with materials that surround us in our daily lives and/or mediated reality. His meticulous painting is based on TV and printed advertisement together with his own photographs, which regularly capture motifs of nature, portraiture and the human figure as well as architecture. Aspects of repetition in Havekost’s oeuvre are as crucial as the permanent tracking of time changes. In relation to contemporary painting we are forced to question once again; what is the motif, what is the title, form and content. Havekost embraces these questions in an original manner that surpasses any categorization. The exhibition called Logik is an author selection of works by Eberhard Havekost from the last ten years.

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